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highest. In order to exclude gas inleakage a thin layer of a metal, for example, aluminium should be deposit on the surface of graphite or it will be necessary to select harder.

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Electronic Journal «Technical acoustics» 2 (2002) 11.1–11.10 _____ _____.

Aims and scope of the title: Original scientific papers from the field of pomology are published in the title. The themes of the reports are: gene pool, breeding, plantation management, plant protection, biotechnology and storage.

diéta 7 nap 800 ml gyümölcslé cukor nélkül, alacsony zsírtartalmú túró

Measurements of interaction forces between polycations, between clay nanoplatteles and between polycations and clay nanoplateles by atomic force microscopy.

Unbalanced application of nitrogen to potatoes of the Lorkh variety reduced the ascorbic acid content of the tubers. The effect could be overcome by application of phosphorus fertilizers; for example, superphosphate increased the ascorbic acid content. To sow the fertilizers in the furrow with the tubers was the most effective way to increase.

Density functional calculations of optimized geometries for the migration of single hydrogen and hydroxyl groups on graphene are performed. It is shown that the migration energy barrier.